9 months with 2

Wow 9 months has seriously flown.

If you were a reader of this blog once upon a time then you may have noticed I very rarely write or post anymore. Lack of time and important things to say can be blamed for that. But I would like to write here spontaneously as a keepsake for my children and I.

Life with two, wow! It has been an amazing thing. My children are happy, healthy little humans so i consider myself lucky every day. Never the less, there has been rough patches, sad weeks and days that have felt like they would last forever. I’ve been blessed with an extremely happy and content second child, she would smile at almost anything and is so warm and loveable. She slept like a dream for the first 12 weeks but since then a night that involves 10-20 feeds is just the norm.
She co sleeps and is fed on demand and that’s what’s working for us for now. I’m sure things will change as she grows. It feels like she’s still my little baby I brought home from hospital. The days have gone too fast and the months creep up at a scary rate. I’m not ready to move her out of our bed or wean her off the boob. I’m happy to hold her close and breathe her in while I still can.
It felt like it took  forever to get to this age with Sonny. Waiting for him to hit milestones and going through  breastfeeding hell. I guess this time round I’m just busy. I made the life altering change from solo to mother already, so adding one more to the gang has been surprisingly easy.

We grew up and moved house. Upgraded from our 2 bedroom villa in a complex on the outskirts of the Gold Coast to a stand alone 3 bedroom house in the heart of Burleigh, walking distance to the beach. What a perfect place for us. Ben now rides his bike to work and I walk with the kids to play dates and groceries. It has been a soul cleansing change and I’m so proud of how we have all taken to our new home. Especially son child, i thought there might be some adjusting to be done after living in the same place from birth but he’s been amazing and it’s like nothing ever happened. Maybe it’s the type of home we live in now too. It’s warm and homely, not all sterile and new.

Things are good and we are happy.

Daisy is trying to outsmart us all and I won’t be surprised when she does. It may be a difference in girl vs boy or the fact that she’s the second child but she is developing at an alarming rate. She’s not far off walking, talking and getting her first job!
Sonny is the wild child. He is full of emotion and energy, it can be exhausting but hilarious. He’s such a character and his speech is developing so quickly now, he’s speaking in sentences when he can. It’s a proud mum moment to watch. My little man is growing up. He’s so affectionate and loves hugs so he keeps his mumma very happy.

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I suppose it’s all a bit of useless information but like I said, i’d like to read back at where we were with the kids at different times so if it’s not of interest anymore please unsubscribe

Daisy Wilde – 5 Months

Well that snuck up unbelievably fast!
Oh Daisy girl what a beautiful little being you are, I can honestly say it’s been the best 5 months ever! Who knew I had this big place in my heart for another little bubba.
You’ve grown like crazy and to me you seem much more ‘advanced’ than what your brother was at this age.
I just looked back on posts from when Sonny was around 5 months and it blows me away seeing the difference of how I was as a parent to how I am now. I feel like I am so much more trusting in myself and my choices this time around. I never second guess if what I’m doing is the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thing to do, I just parent with my heart and everything else seems to fall into place.
Ever since you were 2 weeks old you’ve been so alert and checking out everything that comes in your view. You’re rolling, trying to sit and when you’re on your tummy you’re going in circles, I’m going to have to keep an eye on you because any day now you’ll be off.
You’re a boobie monster, you would feed all day if I let you but the thought that starting solids is creeping up so quickly is freaking me out!!
You’re madly in love with your brother, even when he roughs you up. It seems in your eyes he can do no wrong. He loves you too, he’s just learning how to share and show his feelings, he’ll get there. He also doesn’t know his strength so hugs soon turn to him almost crushing you..sigh! I was so scared somedays when pregnant that he would just not cope with sharing me and my love, but he is fine and maybe it’s because you’ve just been so super awesome and chill.
You’ve made my knees go weak with that beautiful smile. Your whole face lights up and you look so cheeky. You make strangers gush and laugh with that funny smile.

I can’t believe your ours, you fit so perfectly in our family I don’t remember what it was like without you.






Feature Stories

Do you have a story you’d like to share about you or your family?
Beautiful pictures you’d like to show off?
A business you’d like to get out there?

I’m looking to start featuring inspiring mothers and people on my blog regularly. I used to have the privilege of interviewing people I thought were awesome on a blog a while ago and am looking to start again as it’s always so wonderful to connect with different people, hear their stories and get let into their life a little.
I’m also very open to honest and hard stories. Being a mother isn’t always the easiest job and it’s something that can throw your life out of wack from time to time, so if you have an experience you’d like to share that isn’t necessarily the glamourous fun side of motherhood but don’t want to put your name to then feel free not to put a name to it at all. Chances are if you’ve ever felt a certain way there are many others that have as well.

If you’d like to share anything with us please send an email to sonnymakesthree@gmail.com and we can talk more there :)
Look forward to hearing from you !


Your skin untouched, your first big breath,
the sound of your first cry
That moment I first held you close
and looked into your eye

It felt like forever to get to here,
waiting, counting every day
In this perfect euphoric moment,
with you I want to stay

I’ve never felt this love before,
how am I still alive?
A heart just left my body
now it lives on the outside

You’re the everything now in my world

- Jesska Trueman

This Season

Daisy 5 months first winter



sonny winter 14



My husband was made redundant a couple of weeks ago so these aren’t things I’ll be going out and buying right now but just more of a collage of what I like for the kids at the moment and some of it I already own.
I love dressing Daisy in grey and boys clothes but I really like the skirt and dress, for when she’s a bit bigger and looks more like a girl (the no hair phase can make them look either way).
I’ve always dressed Sonny really plain. I don’t like a lot of the boys printed clothing that’s around, just clean simple block colours and striped with some basic pattern here and there. He got into his first pair of jeans the other day, I’ve been putting him in tights for so long (great for the active kid) but it’s time to wear jeans from time to time.