Feeling Grateful

Sonny taking to toilet training like a champ! He always surprises me when it’s time for the next big change in his life. We’re nappy free at all awake time now and there’s been minimal accidents and huge success
Having a home I love to be in and have people over to. This move has been so great for us, the location, the extra room and backyard, I could not ask for more
Daisy is almost one and we’ve had an amazing happy and mostly healthy year. She’s such an amazing light in our lives, I could write about her for hours
Ben providing for our family so I can enjoy this special time with the kids and not feel pressured back into work or time away from them. There are crappy days when I am jealous that Ben gets to be around adults but I’ll never have this time back with my babies
Our parents (the kids grandparents) for all being so involved and helpful. I can’t imagine doing this without them. The kids adore them and they are always there to lend a hand
My friends keep me sane. I have a lovely mix of amazing people in my life, some mothers, some from before I had children. I think I would go crazy without them. They all have such special qualities and they care for my family and I so much I know they would do anything for us, and visa versa

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Lets also not forget COFFEE 

Halloumi & Lentil Salad

Quick, easy and few ingredients are music to my ears when it comes to trying to cook something new. I thought I’d share a dish i’ve been making lately that is all of those things! I noticed an awesome looking salad at one of my favourite local cafes and thought I’d give it a go myself with my own spin. Great as a side salad or main and packed with good food for the kiddies to eat and take as a school lunch :) Feeds 2 adults and 2 kids in our home. Add extra and mix it up to make it your own!

1x pack of 180g halloumi
2x tin of lentils
1x tin cannellini beans or chickpeas
1x punnet of cherry tomatoes
2x avocados
Half a red onion
Half a lemon
Salt and Pepper

Rinse and drain lentils, cannellini beans, spinach and rocket
Cut into strips and fry halloumi in butter or nuttlex
Cut tomatoes into quarters
Finely dice onion
Chunky dice the avos
Mix all together in a salad bowl and season with lemon and salt and pepper

It’s also become really easy to buy organic halloumi, lentils and beans. For a vegan option replace the halloumi for marinated tofu.

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Deciding to have 2 kids was an exciting and scary decision. I struggled to understand how I was going to survive with one more to look after. How on earth will I do the shopping? Who goes in the car first? How will I cook or clean or give them both the attention they need? It felt like life was about to become a lot more stressful!
But to my surprise I have found myself in a very different situation than the chaotic one I had created in my mind. Having 2 kids has some how chilled me out. I’m confused as to why, maybe it’s knowing that I don’t need to control every situation that’s happening with my kids, or the fact that Sonny’s getting older and Daisy is becoming more independent. Don’t get me wrong my kids can be wild and chaotic, like 2 little cyclones roaring through everything in their path. I just find myself feeling really calm about everything and dealing with frustrating moments so much better. Just enjoying my time with them, rather than stressing over silly little things. Of course there are stressful days but nowhere near what I thought these 2 little beings would bring me.
The fact that Daisy and I are both now sleeping more has helped be more patient. Maybe I just got lucky because I know not everyone finds motherhood as enjoyable or stress free and with good reason, these little people can raise hell when they want to. I just love it and wish this time would slow down a little because it’s going way to fast!
on the move bestcalm

A Sunday Breakfast

Pancake Sunday dining

I love surprising Sonny with his favourite breakfast….pancakes! Today I made banana flavour with one hand due to a clingy baby but luckily they’re soo easy. He’s been loving getting up at 4.30am so cooking is a great way to pass the time. By the time it gets to 9am it feels like it should be afternoon.

cheeky table top breakfast

Buddism For Mothers

In regards to the last post about looking in the bright side and choosing your own perspective, this book is amazing! I would highly recommend it to any mother. You don’t have to be a buddist or want to be one to appreciate the theory behind it. It’s all about being present and your best self for your babies :) I have bookmarked the pages that I can most relate to and every once in a while it’s a great refresh to go back through and reassess.
Click the photo to be linked to the book on Amazon

Buddism for mothers

The Bright Side

Wake up thinking it’s going to be a shitty day and chances are you’ll be right. Wake up thinking you can do better and chances are you will.
Wake up thinking this is going to be the best day ever and it’ll probably come close.
No I’m not trying to sell you a religion or pyramid ‘the secret’ style scheme. I’m just being mindful and conscious of my approach to certain situations that are being thrown at me every day at this point in life. My kids are always challenging me, my patience and my way of thinking. An insight to the toddlers mind would be awesome some days when I’m trying to think ‘why he’s screaming at the top of his lungs when he finds out there’s no more mineral water left, hmmmm’. But his way of thinking has also forced me to time and time again reevaluate my way of thinking.
I don’t ever want to look back on this time and feel disappointed. I know so far I’m proud of what Ben and I have accomplished with these children and I just want to keep the good times rolling. Learning to say ‘yes’ more, learning to pick my battles and not expect the worst.

This morning at 4.30 am I heard the door knob turn and tiny toddler feet walking into my room. “Hug Mummy? Show Mummy?” (Sonnys way of asking me for a hug then to go watch tv with him) At first I’ll admit I kinda pretended not to hear him, but he’s pretty persistent so that didn’t last. I initially just wanted to nudge Ben to get up because I couldn’t be bothered and it was too early, after all Daisy was still sleeping so I deserved a sleep in too. But then I heard his sweet little voice again; “C’mon Mummy” After as long as he’d laid down and hug for we were on our way to the couch. Toy Story was in the dvd player and he was happy. We sat and ate breakfast and hugged until Daisy woke and wanted a feed. It was all too early and loud but I just kept feeling like I can never get this morning back. I took every moment in with him. Smelling his hair while he sat in my arms, gently scratching his legs, holding his little hands, things I feel I never have time for these days or never make time for. It was the best.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that these moments that I firstly feel like rolling my eyes at can turn into something so special, there’s just that choice that it begins with. A choice to turn the situation into a positive or negative. A smile instead of a frown can be the difference between a tantrum and a game, saying ‘yes’ to his help can create a special memory and build his confidence. Of course there’s a time and place for frowning don’t get me wrong. I’m just finding the more calm, gentle and relaxed I can be the more Sonny and Dais pick up on that and somehow take it on in their own attitudes too. What I’m saying is basically general knowledge but it can be so easy to get caught up in the list of things to do that the moment is missed or the frown just seems easier way out. I wish we could press pause at different phases of life now I know how quickly this time is passing!4.30am feeling Daisy Cuddles Sonny wants to help

Beach Ready

Couldn’t help but do up a kids beach version quickly but before I knew it everything I liked had a pattern on it. We would be the most mismatched family at the beach, but all these things are amazing so who cares!

Beach Pattern Overload


Summer Staples

As an intense summer approaches our wardrobes are getting a clear out and refresh. Moving old things to the top of the draws, handing down what no longer fits from the seasons just passed. I am guilty of buying my kids clothes that are 2 sizes too big so they last as long as possible. Sonny has had some of the same clothes for 2 years now because at the time I bought a shirt too big and would roll up the sleeves or tights too long and would cuff the bottoms. Just this morning Daisy was wearing a pair of Bonds shorts that are a size 4 haha but the drawstring means she’ll be able to wear them for who knows, 3 or more years!? Anyway they are in need of a few new staple items so while my growing baby sleeps next to me I’ve been searching some of my favourite and affordable online kids clothing shops to see what’s on offer at the moment.
I’ve just started to come around to dresses on Daisy. Maybe it was just because I had a boy first that girls clothes freaked me out for a while and kinda still do. But now she’s walking a simple little dress with a Tee underneath looks soo cute, and is easy at nappy change time! Below are some favourites found online today, there’s a bit of a theme going between them by accident.
Daisys Summer Dress


Sonny is a t shirt man! Singlets make him look like he’s about to go rave at a techno festival with all his bros so I tend to shy away from them. Plus my kids get burnt easily, so sleeves are a must for us. He thinks he’s either a pirate or bat man every day at the moment so the below are simple yet effective for a crazy pirate super hero.
Sonnys Summer Tees


What the f**k does your kid eat!?

I’ve been asked this question a few times lately. What do the kids like to eat, what does Sonny eat for lunch at school? To be honest this always intrigues me about other kids too. When I’m putting Sonny’s lunch into his classroom fridge I just want to have a sneak peek at what’s on the menu for the other kids that day!
Both my kids have been raised vegetarian so far and eat pretty (what I would consider) healthy. We’re currently tossing up the idea of introducing fish to their diets so if anyone has any advice on that subject please leave a comment below!
It can be a struggle at mealtime some days. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to feed them before or as they are getting hungry otherwise they’ll lose interest or be tired and won’t want to eat at all, ahh the frustration!
So I thought I’d share some of our most successful foods for the kids;

First off there’s the favourite – Sushi
A great way to hide vegetables or meat. Sonny loves the classic avocado roll, but it’s so easy to sneak other things such as cucumber, capsicum, carrot, tofu and sun-dried tomatoes. Make it for dinner then put a few extra rolls aside to send for school lunch the next day. It’s actually so easy to make as it’s mostly raw but the rolling may take a few goes to get perfect.

Sonnys Sushi Lunch

Every child likes Pasta
Sonnys personal favourite is Ravioli, so we just jam pack the sauce with veggies such as mushroom, zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes and eggplant. That’s always a school lunch leftovers winner. Basil pesto is also awesome for hiding extra greens and getting them to eat some nuts.

Hide the vegetables in Bakes
In the cooler months a quinoa bake was a staple item for dinner and lunches. I’d make up a huge batch of quinoa in the rice cooker (makes life so much easier) steam up potatoes and broccoli. Then make a tomato based sauce with onion, garlic and grated zucchini, mix all together and bake with cheese on top. Super easy and healthy :) Also there are some great macaroni and cheese recipes that are made from boiled veggies and cashew cheese. Another easy way of hiding veggies for fussy eaters.

Veggie Fritters
Sonny attends a no nuts or egg school so ‘no egg’ or mashed pumpkin is a great option if you need something to bind your creations. Pretty straightforward ingredients; grated potato, zucchini, corn kernels, onion, garlic, steamed pumpkin flour and egg or no egg. Yummy with some fresh avo, chopped up tomato and lime on top.

Salad wraps

Mild Curry
Your kids may surprise you and love curry like ours do. You can get a lot of mild curry pastes or powders, then steam up a bunch of veggies, make a coconut rice, some pappadums, some yogurt and that’s a huge dish with lots of left overs. Great way to incorporate beans, lentils and chickpeas into their diet as they can be tricky ones to get kids to eat. Just be sure to check if your paste contains nuts or not if you’re planning on sending it as left overs ;)

Then there’s just whole pieces of Fruit
At Sonnys current age he’s really into being able to do things all on his own, so he likes his food to be whole instead of cut up most of the time. A little apple, banana, kiwi fruit, strawberries, peeled mandarin or orange always make him feel important., independent and he’ll usually eat almost all of it.
Daisy would live off plain avocado if I let her, we just spoon feed her out of half an avo and she’s happy.

apple and hommus toast

Daisys Fav

All these meal options are very straight forward and I’m also no nutritionist so these are just a list of some of the things that work for us :) I love new food ideas and inspiration so please leave below some of your kids favourite foods!
Sonny also loves his multivitamin in the morning. You can get some yummy tasting vitamin c, zinc and multi vitamins for kids now which can be used as a ‘treat’.
But you can win Sonnys heart with a piece of cake, typical kid!

Carrot Snack